If you’d like to address your property tax assessment, or need help with any aspects of property taxation, please call Jeff McNaught for a consultation at 612.578.8455.

Meet Jeff McNaught

With decades of experience, Jeff McNaught tackles the toughest property cases, consistently delivering favorable outcomes for his clients. Over the years, Jeff’s numerous working relationships with individuals in government ultimately helps clients receive fair treatment in reducing their property taxes.

Reduce Property Taxes

Property tax valuations have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re assessed fairly and accurately, to minimize your tax obligation. If you feel your property is over-valued by the taxing authority, and your taxes are too high, you’re likely paying more than you’re legally obligated.

Practice Areas

Jeff works with a wide variety of properties including retail, industrial, office, apartments, condominiums, manufacturing, vacant land and others. He offers services including property tax valuation & appeals, property tax classifications & exemptions, special assessments, eminent domain/condemnation and much more.

Editor of The Property Tax Deskbook

Jeffery McNaught serves as national Editor-in-Chief of the American Bar Association’s Property Tax Deskbook and is the primary author of the book’s Minnesota chapter. His relationships with the authors of the book’s other 50 chapters give him a nationwide network of real estate attorneys he can tap immediately when it’s beneficial for clients. The Property Tax Deskbook provides property tax managers, attorneys, accountants, and other professionals the information they are most likely to need to address state property tax issues, planning and procedures.

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